Vita Prochazka - fim director

VITa ProchAzka

Director and screenwriter devoted to film and magic of moving pictures by his body and soul. He is spotted on making ads, creating interactive short films or imaginative exercises in the field of documentary films and charity spots.



To understand what a story needs. Every storytelling deserves personal approach, because then it will hit much more powerfully. That’s why I put emphasis on a preparation.


To feel a story. Which means to experience a story. And thanks to that to remember a story. Because stories should be told, remembered and some of them relived. That’s why I like emotions as a spice of storytelling.


To be amazed. Good stories deserve good narration. In films and commercials it should be visual. Stunning, surprising, sensational. That’s why I believe all details matter.


I like to accent those values. Because with them comes PASSION OF STORYTELLING. And then, when everything is prepared, there’s space to be more creative, to improvise and deliver results which look more expensive than they cost. Because THE REAL VALUE IS IN A STORY.

film & commercial director